Shopping with Protective Mask


  • The grocery industry(1) accounts for 3.8% of total employment in Washington, but 5.8% (153) of all identified outbreaks reported in non-healthcare* workplace settings, as of February 6, 2021.(2)

  • The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices includes grocery workers in the category of non-health care frontline essential workers that is “likely at highest risk for work-related exposure to SARS-CoV-2 because their work-related duties must be performed on site and involve being in close proximity (<6 feet) to the public or to coworkers.”(3)

  • A recent peer-reviewed study led by a Harvard epidemiologist and published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine showed a 20% infection rate among grocery workers, with a majority of those asymptomatic.



  • Workers with direct customer exposure were 5 times more likely to test positive. The study also showed higher levels of depression and anxiety among those grocery workers least able to practice social distancing at work.(4)

  • “One in five (21 out of 104) workers tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, indicating a prevalence of 20% at that point in time. This was significantly higher than the prevalence of the infection in the local community at the time: 0.9-1.3%.”(5)

  • The New York Times COVID tracker, developed with public health experts at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health currently characterizes indoor activities in Pierce County as a “high risk” activity.

  • The Times recommends keeping grocery shopping trips “as short and infrequent as possible.”(6)


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